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Story, Software and Architecture are the same thing.

Feels good when you feel lost. But may have been found the whole time.

May sound religious. But if you can’t offer the same solutions religion offers, you’re Noah with an Ark.

Going to school for architecture, quitting school for film and finding software is a foundation of not so much the “journey” but the framework to find an…

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A Software Developer’s Reading List

A Software Developer’s Reading List


Great Software Lit.

Originally posted on Steve Wedig’s Notes:

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Many of the best software developers have T-Shaped Skills: Deep expertise in programming and software development, and broad knowledge of diverse areas including testing, DevOps, UX design, team organization, customer interaction, and their domain…

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Kanye West is a professor at Los Angeles Trade Technical College — photos

Kanye West is a professor at Los Angeles Trade Technical College — photos

Originally posted on Consequence of Sound:

Back in March, Kanye West was sentenced to 24 months of probation and 250 hours of community service after pleading “no contest” to misdemeanor battery and attempted grand theft stemming from a confrontation with a paparazzo. So, how is Kanye fulfilling his community service obligations? By teaching a class in fashion at the Los Angeles Trade Technical…

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Peter Thiel’s CS183: Startup - Class 11 Notes Essay


Here is an essay version of my class notes from Class 11 of CS183: Startup. Errors and omissions are mine. Credit for good stuff is Peter’s.

Class 11 Notes Essay—Secrets

I.  Secrets

Back in class one, we identified a very key question that you should continually ask yourself: what important truth do very few people agree with you on? To a first approximation, the correct answer is going to be a secret. Secrets are unpopular or unconventional truths. So if you come up with a good answer, that’s your secret.

How many secrets are there in the world? Recall that, reframed in a business context, the key question is: what great company is no one starting? If there are many possible answers, it means that there are many great companies that could be created. If there are no good answers, it’s probably a very bad idea to start a company. From this perspective, the question of how many secrets exist in our world is roughly equivalent to how many startups people should start.

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Artists Don’t Give a Fuck About You. But Marketers Do.

I was walking to the gym today, and I took out my iPod and clicked on a Kanye West track and it donned on me the irony of how business and art are backwards. The maker of the iPod put in more hours into figuring out my daily life than Kanye (of all artists) ever has ever. An Artists’ job is to connect to their fans. Wrong. You connect to the artist. It’s a marketer’s job to connect to the artist and his/her fans. Artists don’t sit up all night worrying about their fan’s emotions or concerns. They are up all night worrying about themselves and their dreams. You just happened to connect to their dreams, worries and concerns they turned into a song. A marketer’s job is to know a customer inside and out. Whether you’re getting enough tobacco in your cigarette? Whether your car has 6 or 8 cylinders when you’re late for work. An artist sings about these things but you the fan, never crossed his/her mind. The further away, the more mysterious, and intriguing an artist is. Marketers are known to be obnoxious and self-interested. Next time you need to fix a tire. Tom Petty may be playing in the stereo, but a proper marketer found out that you need a tire jack and wrench. 

Long story short. A simple solution. Artists need to think like Marketers and Marketers have to have impact like Artists.

Whenever you hear artists complain about the early hard times of not being accepted, it’s because people didn’t give a fuck about them. The shoe is on the other foot and once famous, may sign your shirt, but they still don’t give a fuck and you love it. Irony, I know. 

Tom Ford (businessman) starts to explore the challenges of artistry and customer care in the later half of this video



#WisdomWednesday How To NOT Lose 11 Million Dollars

Marlon Brando was shooting a movie which he had a small equity stake, known as points. But he also had tax problems and owed the federal government $100,000. 
Brando’s manager called the movie producer and explained Brando’s problem. He asked for a cash advance during the shoot. The producers checked with the studio head, who was delighted. “Give it to him,” he said. “But get back his points.” So Brando areed to give up his equity share in the movie for $100,000. The movie was The Godfather. Within a few years, that $100,000 check from Paramount had cost brando about $11 million. 

Negotiating formula Brilliance is this: You bring people to the table according to their strengths. I negotiate with them according to their weaknesses. The more I know about their vulnerabilities, the better able I am to press my advantage.

From the bookBusiness Brilliance - Lewis Schiff 


Too hard to do “it.” – This is actually the best reason to do “it.” People waste
a lot of time and money trying to simplify something that requires a complex
solution. If to accomplish your goal it’ll require 20, 30, 40 steps…how many
other people do you think are going to take the time to create this system?
You’ll have given yourself a business asset that is almost impossible to
replicate. So roll up your sleeves and start building!

— Dan Kennedy on Sticking to it. 

#thoughtoftheday - Cushion the painful effects of hard blows by keeping the enthusiasm going strong, even if doing so requires struggle.