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Genius is perseverance in disguise

—Mike Newlin, Forbes Business Book of Quotations

Business is 24x7x365xforever

—Mark Cuban

Pattern in architecture is the idea of capturing architectural design ideas as archetypal and reusable descriptions.

—Christopher Alexander, Architect Business Model Generation

The Sport of Business

The Sport of Business



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I can’t go more than a week without shooting baskets. There is something about the feel of the ball coming off my hand, and the sound of the ball going through the net. It just feels good.

If I’m just standing in the gym, I can shoot pretty well. Playing in a game. Well it’s not quite what it used to be. I used to have a spin move that…

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Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.

—Truman Capote

The next time you’re facing a challenge at work, consider reframing it as a game….The same is true of many life’s great challenges. Writers don’t know how to write a novel until they sit down and do it. Entrepreneurs don’t know how to launch a company until they take the leap. Sure there are countless books that teach craft and theory, management and finance, but until you’ve actually done the work, you never really know what you’re getting yourself into. - Bruce Nussbaum, Creative Intelligence

21st century Lauryn Hill

Janelle Monae is the 21st century Lauryn Hill … Goodnight


Electric Lady