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Why everything that’s supposed to be bad make me feel so good? - Hooked Product Design.

"Emulate Drug Dealers" - Rework by Jason Fried

Excerpt from Hooked: How to Build Habit forming Products by Nir Eyal
- For some businesses, forming habits is a critical component to success, but not every business
requires habitual user engagement.
- When successful, forming strong user habits can have several business benefits including:
higher customer lifetime value, greater pricing flexibility, supercharged growth, and a sharper
competitive edge.
- Habits can not form outside the “Habit Zone,” where the behavior occurs with enough
frequency and perceived utility.
- Habit-forming products often start as nice-to-haves (vitamins) but once the habit is formed,
they become must-haves (painkillers).
- Habit-forming products alleviate users’ pain by relieving a pronounced itch.
- Designing habit-forming products is a form of manipulation. Product builders would benefit
from a bit of introspection before attempting to hook users to make sure they are building healthy
habits, not unhealthy addictions (more to come on this topic in chapter eight).

#MarketingMonday CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value) is the amount of money made from a customer before she
switches to a competitor, stops using the product, or dies. User habits increase how long and how
frequently customers use a product, resulting in higher CLTV.

Hooked - by Nir Eyal

Sketches: As a form of Visual Thinking

frankgehrydraw gehry_sketches_9

If your have been following the blog, I have quoted Frank Gehry a bit. He just pops up everywhere I go searching for fine content! But here’s some of his sketches. (above)

By contrast, I’ll show the calm of the chaos. Dieter Rams, industrial designer for Braun, and more famously the inspiration for Jony Ive, Apple’s Chief Industrial Designer.


Different Styles, but similar in thinking. They…

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The art of leadership is understanding what you can’t compromise on.

Tribes by Seth Godin

Take Care of The People, The Products, and The Profits —In that Order

I have never, ever read a book like the book Ben Horowitz, of Andreesen/Horwitz Venture Capital has written.

I’ll get to the lavish praise of the book in a later posts, because I want to get right down to what he wrote about managing people, the most important part of a business. Then obviously what you are selling. The product.

He is a major rap fan so he opens up the chapter:

I roll with the…

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Kendrick Lamar
Prod. by Rahki
• Mixed By Ali

Story, Software and Architecture are the same thing.

Feels good when you feel lost. But may have been found the whole time.

May sound religious. But if you can’t offer the same solutions religion offers, you’re Noah with an Ark.

Going to school for architecture, quitting school for film and finding software is a foundation of not so much the “journey” but the framework to find an…

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A Software Developer’s Reading List

A Software Developer’s Reading List


Great Software Lit.

Originally posted on Steve Wedig’s Notes:

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Many of the best software developers have T-Shaped Skills: Deep expertise in programming and software development, and broad knowledge of diverse areas including testing, DevOps, UX design, team organization, customer interaction, and their domain…

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